A fork of the official Mycroft Weather Skill, providing weather conditions and forecasts, this one adds some new, more user-friendly linguistics, as well as more frequent caching for faster response times.
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Weather conditions and forecasts


Get weather conditions, forecasts, expected precipitation and more! By default it will tell you about your default location, or you can ask for other cities around the world.

Current conditions and weather forecasts come from Open Weather Map.

For enclosures with screen support, conditions are briefly shown using visemes.

The temperature is shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on the preferences set in your https://home.mycroft.ai account.


  • “What is the weather?”
  • “What is the forecast tomorrow?”
  • “What is the weather going to be like Tuesday?”
  • “What is the weather in Houston?”
  • “When will it rain next?”
  • “How windy is it?”
  • “What’s the humidity?”
  • “Is it going to snow?”
  • “What’s the temperature?”


Mycroft AI (@MycroftAI)




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