582 Commits (master)

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  ketudb 21a4bd8593 Fix passing the wrong var to dialog for media player control 1 year ago
  ketudb 07d9816b91 syntax fix 1 year ago
  ketudb 9c8cb032c2 Fix media player/light color dialog var names 1 year ago
  ketudb 0225c7fe25 Fixes setup of media player handler with wrong var 1 year ago
  ketudb 18b4a01d63 Syntax fixes 1 year ago
  ketudb 31ed153440 Add media player pause intent 1 year ago
  ketudb 62366dae53 Add media player play dialog 1 year ago
  ketudb a32fa28988 Add media stop dialog 1 year ago
  ketudb 5a98d14163 Add additional play vocab 1 year ago
  ketudb 5bcab4d54e Add additional stop vocab 1 year ago
  ketudb 1e2f572791 Add media player stop intent 1 year ago
  ketudb 7df63e246e Add media player play intent 1 year ago
  ketudb 5d79c62a88 Add media player stop intent 1 year ago
  ketudb c31977e1a9 Add media player handlers 1 year ago
  ketudb afd093cf7c Fix incorrect method name 1 year ago
  ketudb 2721adc48e Syntax bugfix 1 year ago
  ketudb 2ef60702b2 Add color change dialogue 1 year ago
  ketudb deea1f0fc1 Add color change vocab 1 year ago
  ketudb 2fbe2fc9ff Add handle_light_color_intent 1 year ago
  ketudb ad2b3c208a Change name for home.mycroft.ai 1 year ago
  Keturah 7812ce19e0
Merge pull request #2 from ketudb/natural-light-switching 1 year ago
  ketudb ed951b2eb5
Remove languages other than en-us for the moment ( :( ) because they're not ready for padatious-only config. 1 year ago
  ketudb 1457ed0a8a
Conver sensor status to padatious & update dialogue. 1 year ago
  ketudb afccb7a33e
Convert automation to padatious & update dialogue 1 year ago
  ketudb 313dc9c90c
Update dialogue to be a bit more natural & playful. 1 year ago
  ketudb d3bbfae623
Remove a load of now-unused vocab/regexes 1 year ago
  ketudb ef5ebd8640
Update climate padatious linguistics 1 year ago
  ketudb 43c88aaea7
Remove redundant decorator 1 year ago
  ketudb 109a588a02
Case sensitivity 1 year ago
  ketudb bcd24bda8b
Convert tracker intent to padatious 1 year ago
  ketudb c248d4a7c8
change function ordering 1 year ago
  ketudb b1080a53af
remove toggle intent 1 year ago
  ketudb f82f67c42f
Add switchToggle intent vocab 1 year ago
  ketudb 16cfeabc4b
Add new intent handlers for changed vocab. 1 year ago
  ketudb 5759afb7c1
Remove unused code 1 year ago
  ketudb e739fe194d
Clean up some code that seems to be hitting a bug in padatious processing 1 year ago
  ketudb 4f227d5701
Remove that intent builder from intitialize() as well 1 year ago
  ketudb 4d25f94984
Remove old style switch intent builder 1 year ago
  ketudb efbb1eec69
Remove 'device already' dialogue as we're not going to use that anymore. 1 year ago
  ketudb 4e8696805c
Add the entity file to the module, and update the handle_switch_intent to use it. Also - it's somewhat silly to have it complain if the light is already a thing, esp as z-wave devices can lose state. Instead, do it anyway. 1 year ago
  ketudb 0fccd47ef1
update padatious intent file to use a light_action entity file. 1 year ago
  ketudb d2c18e6e66
Add a padatious intent file for light switching. 1 year ago
  ketudb 4be23c3afb
Mycroft seems to interpret the word 'percent' as a symbol - but this is not always natural when typed. Add functionality for both. 1 year ago
  ketudb 9deb3c077b
Remove some redundant vocab/regex language stuff. 1 year ago
  ketudb 051407795d
Remove various bits of code that were temporarily disabled for testing. 1 year ago
  Keturah 907365c43f
Merge pull request #1 from ketudb/natural-light-dimming 1 year ago
  ketudb 09afd821d4
Syntax fix, undo the last thing as well because testing box fell out of sync with origin 1 year ago
  ketudb 0f1bc611f4
For some reason this works for passing the data, but passing the object directly 400s?! 1 year ago
  ketudb d37ad06a26
Make a separate variable for data to be passed to the diaglogue. 1 year ago
  ketudb d23daf726e
Don't pass `dev_name` with this particular API call. 1 year ago