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Added info about Long-Lived Access Tokens

Added info about Long-Lived Access Tokens
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See for a general overview of Mycroft AI and Home Assistant

# Updates
Now confirmed working for 18.2.6 beta. Make sure you have your home assistant settings filled out on
Now confirmed working for mycroft 18.8.1.

Now supports Climate control to change the temperature via `set hallway thermostat to 75 degrees` hallway thermostat is our entity in this phrase.
Now using the new Long-Lived Access Tokens instead of legacy api password.

Testrunner tests are now setup as well to test intents.
Make sure you have your home assistant settings filled out on

This is a skill to add [Home Assistant]( support to
[Mycroft]( Currently is supports turning on and off several
@@ -42,22 +42,17 @@ You can donate directly via my [Blog](
Or become a [Patreon]( - I offer special posts and tutorials to my Patreons that aren't public.

## Installation
Before installation ensure you have python-dev package installed for your OS. For debian this would be `apt-get install python-dev` it is required for the levenstein package.

Should be able to install this now via just saying `Hey Mycroft, install skill home assistant` it will then confirm if you want to install it and say yes and you are good to go.

Can also be installed via `msm install`

## Demo Home Assistant
You can see a demo of Home Assistant at using the password "password". You can also plug these settings into the skill setting mentioned below to test your mycroft instance with the demo instance of home assistant.

## Configuration
This skill utilizes the skillsettings.json file which allows you to configure this skill via after a few minutes of having the skill installed you should see something like below in the location:

Fill this out with your appropriate home assistant information and hit save.

You create the Long-Lived Access Token on the user profile page


### Enabling using the conversation component as Fallback

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