A fork of the Mycroft AI Unknown Fallback Skill, this is used if no Intent is matched to an Utterance. In this fork, we use sounds for indicating certain situations, to be less annoying on frequent accidental activations.
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Unknown Handler

Capture unrecognized Utterances


Mycroft doesn’t know how to do or answer everything (yet). This fallback is how Mycroft lets you know that, unfortunately, it can’t help with what you said.

But wait, there is still hope! Mycroft is working to get smarter with help from friends. For who have selected to Opt In to the Open Dataset, these missed phrases are aggregated and analyzed to help identify what the world wants their voice assistant to do that it can’t yet. So if millions of people start asking for guava growing tips, we’ll promote this as an idea to be handled as a default Skill.


  • “How do I make my guava blue?”
  • “I need a pizza”
  • “Show me the money”


Mycroft AI (@MycroftAI)




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