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We need docker-compose for py2, so add deps for that & do it in pip2
5 months ago
defaults We need docker-compose for py2, so add deps for that & do it in pip2 5 months ago
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This is a simple ansible role for setting up docker on a CentOS7 host. It supports the firewalld hack for docker as well.

Vars & defaults

# These users will be added to the 'docker' group.
  - username: root
# These will be installed via yum
  - python-setuptools
  - python-pip
  - docker-compose
# These will be installed via pip (using the default python interpreter on your system)
  - docker
docker_firewalld: true # This enables the firewalld hack - set to false if not using firewalld.


You can pass docker compose files or definitions via two different vars:

  • docker_composes
    • name: required, string, project name.
    • definition: required, dict, docker-compose definition
    • recreate: optional, [“always”, “never”, “smart”], recreate images when restarting - smart does so only if definition has changed, default smart
    • pull: optional, boolean, always pull images before restarting the application, default false
    • build: optional, boolean, forces a build of the docker image, default false
  • docker_compose_files
    • path: required, string, path to docker-compose project
    • all other options as above, except name and definition